Interactions between Taiwan’s Land-Use/Cover Change and Regional Atmospheric and Hydro-Meteorological Modeling and Large-Scale Climate Variability

Assist Prof. Chia-Jeng Chen

Significant land use/cover changes (LUCC), primarily induced by socioeconomic development (anthropogenic forcing) and global climatic/environmental change (natural forcing), could interact directly or indirectly with a region’s weather and climate phenomena. Some of the phenomena could develop into extreme events of which the likelihood could be further increased by continuous LUCC, potentially encumbering the sustainable management ideology of a nation. Taiwan is a representative country devoted to sustainable management, but meanwhile, it has been experiencing tremendous LUCC as well as notable increases in both frequency and severity of hydro-meteorological disasters (e.g., floods and droughts) since the last century. In this context, this research project intends to disclose the implicit interactions between Taiwan’s LUCC and regional atmospheric and hydro-meteorological conditions, and further, the large-scale climate variability by employing broad-spectrum analysis, including analytical, empirical/statistical, and dynamical modeling.

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