【20180122】GLP Asia Conference 2018 Call for Sessions & Abstracts

【20180122】GLP Asia Conference 2018 Call for Sessions & Abstracts

GLP Taipei Nodal Office together with GLP Japan Nodal Office, are pleased to announce the GLP 2018 Asia Conference to be held in Taipei, Taiwan on 03 ~ 05 September 2018. The conference will provide a multidisciplinary platform for environmental scientists, engineers, and management professionals to discuss the interdisciplinary land use developments and sustainability solutions.

This year, the GLP 2018 Asia Conference will be focusing on “Transitioning to Sustainable Development of Land Systems through Teleconnections and Telecouplings”.

The teleconnections and telecouplings offer conceptual frameworks to evaluate socio-economic and environmental interactions over distances. In order to transition to environmental sustainability, the frameworks are helpful to measure drivers and impacts of the interactions, and to model the interactions from global to local scales. The goal of this conference is to provide, from global to local, interdisciplinary sustainability solutions, which can be covered by the themes:

  • Urban rural teleconnections
  • Integrated regional models
  • Modelling land system change
  • Land use drivers and impacts
  • Telecouplings of Land use systems
  • Trade-offs for land use and conflict
  • Land-ocean-atmosphere processes
  • Land change and ecosystem services/biodiversity
  • Land management systems
  • Other relevant topics


Call for Sessions & Abstracts

Sessions and abstracts could be organized by Scientific Committee or group of scholars on relevant interdisciplinary themes.
The deadline for submitting your session proposal is 7th February 2018.
Please download the Session Instruction and Submission Form and email to glp.asia2018@gmail.com.
The List of Accepted Sessions will be updated on GLP 2018 Asia Conference home page, and the list will be fully announced by 12th February 2018.

Abstracts submission will be closed on 20th April 2018.
Please download the Abstract Instruction and Submission form and email to glp.asia2018@gmail.com.
If the session is not chosen and declared in your abstract submission form, the Scientific Committee and session organizers will arrange the abstract to a relevant session.


Special Issue & Call for Manuscripts

To fill the knowledge gaps, the conference will also call for papers from fields of study on these themes.
Please note that the abstracts must be approved by Scientific Committee prior the submission of manuscripts. The Scientific Committee will assign the approved abstracts to appropriate special issue for submission based on the topic and field. The papers will go through a deliberate peer review process, and the selected papers will be published by special issues of SCI, SSCI, EI and ESCI journal.
Detailed information of call for papers will be announced further on the conference website.
Please note that the Scientific Committee and session’s organizers reserve the right to decide on the final assignment of abstracts.


Please do not hesitate to showcase your achievements to key international opinion leaders.
Feel free to contact us if you have any further concerns or queries.

We look forward to receiving your session proposal/abstract.
*The submission forms can be downloaded through GLP 2018 Asia Conference home page
*Please send the submission to glp.asia2018@gmail.com

For further information, please visit the conference website at http://www.glp.taipei.ntu.edu.tw/2018-asia-conference/

It would be greatly appreciated if you can forward this information to your colleagues, friends, students, or anyone who may be interested in the conference.

【20170904】Workshop of Land System Modeling – Agenda


Land Resources Core Project- Workshop of Land System Modeling
2017年9月4日(一) 上午9:30-17:00/ 9:30-17:00, Mon., 4th Sep. 2017

地點: 集思台大會議中心,蘇格拉底廳,羅斯福路四段85號B1




10:00開場致詞: 土地系統動態變遷之因果與機制研究,

Opening ceremony: Land Resources Core Project

林裕彬 教授

Prof. Yu-Pin Lin


Modeling Dynamic Changes and Mechanisms of Land Systems

林裕彬 教授

Prof. Yu-Pin Lin


Coffee & Tea Break


A study of land cover change and its environmental index application

林昭遠 教授

Urban Land Use Change and Resilient City Land Use Management in Taiwan

劉小蘭 教授



Rural Land Use Change and Make Resilience Rural Land Use Management in Taiwan

吳振發 副教授
14:00追求經濟與環境永續發展之土地利用策略評估: 連結全球與台灣可計算一般均衡經濟模型之應用分析

Assessment of Land Use Strategies for Economic and Environmental Sustainable Development: Applications Linking Global and Taiwan Computable General Equilibrium Models

李慧琳 副教授



Coffee & Tea Break


Interactions between Taiwan’s Land-Use/Cover Change and Regional Atmospheric and Hydro-Meteorological Modeling and Large-Scale Climate Variability

莊振義 副教授

陳佳正 助理教授

15:30理論化工業發展脈絡下的去領地環境風險裝配:「都市 造」與「區域自然 」兩種尺度觀點

Theorization of De-territorialized Environmental Risk Assemblage under the Context of East Asian Industrial Land Process- A Scalar Perspective of “Built Environment in the Urban” and “Earth Force in the Region

簡旭伸 副教授



Closing Remarks