About Us

Land Resources Core Project

Land Resources Core Project is collaborated by several research teams towards the land resources related issues, particularly in land system at present. The research consists of the participants from different institutions together to investigate some critical circumstances of developed, undeveloped or developing land, thus, to ameliorate and enhance the appropriate use of lands to approach a sustainable nation in the coming decade.

The website is built to update the research progress and relevant news, to promote and disseminate the importance of land use suitability among the public, as well as to work as a sustainable platform to display the research outcomes.


Our Team

Principal Investigator(s)

Yu-Pin LIN
National Taiwan University Taiwan



Feng-Tyan LIN
National Cheng Kung University Taiwan

Chia-Jeng CHEN
National Chung Hsing UniversityTaiwan


Shih-Liang CHAN
National Taipei University Taiwan



Shiuh-Shen CHIEN
National Taiwan UniversityTaiwan


Huey-Lin LEE
National Chengchi University Taiwan


Chao-Yuan LIN
National Chung Hsing University Taiwan


Hsiao-Lan LIU
National Chengchi University Taiwan



Shiau-Yun LU
National Sun Yat-sen University Taiwan



Chen-Fa WU
National Chung Hsing University Taiwan



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